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Gaggs Campground Madera N/A Shuteye Peak
Glade Campground (historical) Trinity N/A Garberville
Glen Campground Marin N/A Double Point
Gooseneck Cove Campground Shasta N/A Redding
Granite Creek Campground Madera N/A Timber Knob
Grasshopper Campground Trinity N/A Garberville
Gray Falls Campground Trinity N/A Hayfork
Greens Creek Campground Shasta N/A Redding
Gregory Creek Campground Shasta N/A Redding
Hammerhorn Campground Mendocino N/A Ukiah
Happy Camp Campground Humboldt N/A Hayfork
Hawk Campground Marin N/A Point Bonita
Hayden Flat Campground Trinity N/A Hayfork
Haypress Campground Marin N/A Point Bonita
Hayward Flat Campground Trinity N/A Redding
Hedrick Pond Campground Tulare N/A Camp Wishon
Hetch Hetchy Backpackers Campground Tuolumne N/A Lake Eleanor
Hickey Campground Mendocino N/A Noble Butte
Hidden Falls Campground Tulare N/A Moses Mountain
Hidden Springs Campground Humboldt N/A Garberville
Hirz Bay Campgrounds Shasta N/A Redding
Hobo Gulch Campground Trinity N/A Hayfork
Hodgdon Meadow Campground Tuolumne N/A Ackerson Mountain
Horse Mountain Campground Humboldt N/A Shelter Cove
Huckleberry Campground Humboldt N/A Garberville
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