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Sawmill Campground Mono N/A Tioga Pass
Tioga Campground Mono 9660 Tioga Pass
Aspen Park Group Campground Mono 8327 Toms Place
Big Meadow Campground Mono 8504 Toms Place
Holiday Campground Mono 7201 Toms Place
Iris Meadow Campground Mono 8399 Toms Place
Lower Rock Creek Campground Mono 6759 Toms Place
Rock Creek Campground Mono 7349 Toms Place
Tuff Campground Mono 6890 Toms Place
Big Trees Campground Inyo 7440 Tungsten Hills
Forks Campground Inyo 7831 Tungsten Hills
Four Jeffrey Campground Inyo 8080 Tungsten Hills
Atchison Campground Glenn N/A Ukiah
Bear Creek Campground Lake N/A Ukiah
Black Oak Campground Colusa N/A Ukiah
Board Tree Campground Glenn N/A Ukiah
Cole Creek Campground Lake N/A Ukiah
Copper City Campground (historical) Glenn N/A Ukiah
Cottonwood Glade Campground (historical) Glenn N/A Ukiah
Deer Valley Campground Lake N/A Ukiah
Digger Pine Campground Colusa N/A Ukiah
Diversion Dam Campground Colusa N/A Ukiah
Hammerhorn Campground Mendocino N/A Ukiah
Kelsey Creek Campground Lake N/A Ukiah
Lake View Campground Lake 3000 Ukiah
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