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Pine Point Campground Shasta 1069 Redding
Pollard Flat Campground Shasta 1440 Redding
Rend Island Campground Shasta N/A Redding
Rocky Ridge Campground Shasta N/A Redding
Salt Creek Group Campgrounds Shasta N/A Redding
Salt Creek Point Campground Shasta N/A Redding
Ski Island Campground Shasta 1100 Redding
Slaughterhouse Island Campground Shasta 1100 Redding
Upper Salt Creek Campground Shasta 1150 Redding
Wintoon Campground Shasta N/A Redding
Francis Beach Campground San Mateo N/A Half Moon Bay
Ritchey Creek Campground Napa N/A Healdsburg
Aerie Crag Campground Mono 7200 June Lake
Aspen Park Group Campground Mono 8327 Toms Place
Big Bend Campground Mono 7720 Mount Dana
Big Meadow Campground Mono 8504 Toms Place
Big Spring Campground Mono N/A Old Mammoth
Big Spring Campground Mono 7267 Old Mammoth
Cold Water Campground Mono N/A Bloody Mtn
Convict Lake Campground Mono 7649 Convict Lake
East Fork Campground Mono 8950 Mount Morgan
Ellery Lake Campground Mono 9505 Mount Dana
Glass Creek Campground Mono 7780 Crestview
Gull Lake Campground Mono 7600 June Lake
Hartley Springs Campground Mono 8440 June Lake
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