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Hayden Flat Campground Trinity N/A Hayfork
Haypress Campground Marin N/A Point Bonita
Hayward Flat Campground Trinity N/A Redding
Hedrick Pond Campground Tulare N/A Camp Wishon
Hetch Hetchy Backpackers Campground Tuolumne N/A Lake Eleanor
Hetch Hetchy Campground Tuolumne 3960 Lake Eleanor
Hickey Campground Mendocino N/A Noble Butte
Hidden Falls Campground Tulare N/A Moses Mountain
Hidden Springs Campground Humboldt N/A Garberville
Hirz Bay Campgrounds Shasta N/A Redding
Hobo Gulch Campground Trinity N/A Hayfork
Hodgdon Meadow Campground Tuolumne N/A Ackerson Mountain
Holiday Campground Mono 7201 Toms Place
Horse Mountain Campground Humboldt N/A Shelter Cove
Horton Creek Campground Inyo 4880 Rovana
Huckleberry Campground Humboldt N/A Garberville
Hume Lake Campground Fresno N/A Hume
Independence Creek Campground Inyo N/A Independence
Indian Flat Campground Mariposa 800 El Portal
Intake Campground Inyo 8160 Mount Thompson
Inyo Craters Campground Mono 8190 Mammoth Mountain
Iris Meadow Campground Mono 8399 Toms Place
Jackass's Meadows Campground Fresno 7190 Florence Lake
Jackass Spring Campground Trinity 2560 Redding
Jerseydale Campground Mariposa 3752 Buckingham Mountain
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